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Wedding DJ


"After all is said and done, we definitely had the best wedding. I get comments all the time from our guests telling me how much they enjoyed the wedding. I am convinced that you, Billy Zee aka: Best Wedding DJ EVER, are a huge part of everyone having such an amazing time."

"The dance floor was packed all night! You played all the right selections! You even got into the craziness of the dance floor and did a line dance with them while we were off taking pictures, and that's wonderful!"

"Professional, organized, considerate, arrives early, thinks of things that a bride would forget, dresses professionally, amazing responsiveness, works extremely well with other vendors, would hire him again"

"With everything that was going on, I really didn't get a chance to tell you how much I enjoyed the music and how I enjoyed how personable and friendly you were to our wedding guests, friends, and family."
        Let me work on creating lasting memories for you!

What is the Love mix?                  

This is a mix of a loved one's voice recorded and mixed into your special song. (1st dance, father/daughter dance, mother/ son dance, birthday wishes, etc). A recording can be sent to DJ Billy Zee via MP3, Youtube or it can be recorded by phone or digitally for a better quality.

Imagine the bride and groom's first dance song being played, with their voices mixed into the song. They can recordtheir wedding vows, their love for each other, or humorous moments of their single days together on the love mix.

The bride could express her love for her father during the father/ daughter dance. The groom could record his voice to express his appreciation to his mother.

Sound bits of the bride and groom can be digitally recorded and used to set up requests to her friends and family.

Ceremony Sound

1 wireless Microphone on a stand
Clip on Mic available
1 powered speaker
Dual Cd player
Light Music played as guests arrive
Ceremony Music

Father Daughter Dance - Fun Remixes available!                Mother Son Dance

   The father/daughter dance is a great moment and is it not about being a good dancer. It is about spending that personal time on the dance floor with your father. The dance will mean so much to your father, thinking about the day you were born and all the days in between up to this dance!
     The mother/son dance usually follows the father/ daughter dance or the dances can be together with 1 song.

Small Dance, Apron Dance, Money dance.... Here is the traditional Polish small dance.


                 Projection Screen                           Live camera - guests are on the screen

22" screen above.
  32" and 42" screens are also available.
Guests enjoy watching the pictures of the bride & groom, family and friends on the screen.

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