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BarMitzvah DJ
Time to celebrate!

Bar / Bat Mitzvah

Many years with major agencies performing Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs with dance troops every weekend!

Radio edited music (no bad language)

Plenty of interaction to keep all guests entertained. (Young and those with a drivers license)


Games + Music + Interactivity = The Party Shaker

Coke and Pepsi, Pass the Monkey dance (Billy Zee exclusive), name that tun
e (song titles have the name of a color in the title), mummy wrap, partner dances, line dances, hula hoops, 21 cup pyramid, group customized relay races, Dr. Seuss rap, thread the needle, balloon stuff, limbo, parachutes, inflatable football or baseball, more, more , more!!!!!!

Mazel Tov!

-You can find fun giveaways and prizes online in bulk at the following stores:
   Oriental Trading            http://www.orientaltrading.com/
  Rhode Island Novelty   http://www.rinovelty.com/

-Party City and gift cards
are good local sources for prizes.

- Let DJ Billy Zee know about your giveaways so he can incorporate a game or activity with the prizes.
- Stay away from balls that can be tossed around the room.
- Kids have a tendency to swing inflatable bats at each other, so they are not recommended.
- Glow necklaces, blinking items, hats, jewelry, grab bags and gift certificates examples of good giveaways.




Wireless headset mic provides hands free instruction of line dances and interactive routines.
I would be happy to customize an interactive dance for your event! Just pick a theme.


 DJ Billy Zee's famous Monkey Dance.

Party Motivators

Teach Line dances Upon request
.....Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Booty Call, Cha Cha Slide, Macarena, Cotton Eyed Joe, Love Shack, Alley Cat, The Stroll, Bunny Hop, Club Med's Hands Up, Hand Jive, Ice cream and Cake....

Others upon request
.....Jamaican "Shakin It" (the napkin dance),... "Jump in the Line",... Blues Brothers, "Flip, Flop and Fly",... Swing, Polkas, Cha Cha, Conga,..."Wild Wild West",... Billy Zee's famous Square Dance,.... Grease,... "The Bird",... Original "Dance & Shout" Body Dance,... Locomotion Train medley,... Mexican Hat Dance,... The Party Shaker's Dance contest...more!

Interactive Activities (icebreakers for informal parties...)
....Coke and Pepsi,... Not so Newlywed Game,... Customized Event Trivia,... Match Bingo game,... Huggy Bear,... Hulla Hoops,... Limbo,... Scavenger Hunt,... Musical Chairs,... New Orleans Bourbon Street,... Poker card match,... Relay races,... Crab on a bat,... Circle of Life levitation,... Seek and Find hidden items,... Dress Up,... Pass the Monkey....Pass the Bunny.....Tiny Bubbles,... Birthday ribbon challenge,... The Wave,.. The swim, ...centerpiece giveaway....more!

DJ Billy Zee endorses The Amazing Bottle Dancers!
A great addition to your DJ entertainment.
It all starts with a fun surprise appearance of their "Rabbi", followed by a grand entrance, a bottle dance, then the entire program is capped off  as their "rabbis" get your guests up for a joyous Klezmer Hora that's right out of the "Old Country."
Visit  www.bottledancers.com  for more options and info.

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